• First Overfill Safe Eclipse 705 GWR Probe for Dirty Liquids  Completes the First Heavy Duty Offer for Guided Wave Radar

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First Overfill Safe Eclipse 705 GWR Probe for Dirty Liquids Completes the First Heavy Duty Offer for Guided Wave Radar

Jun 29 2009

Magnetrol International’s (Belgium) Cage GWR probe is designed for ‘ heavy duty use’ on hydrocarbons with extreme viscosity up to 10.000 cP. The cage GWR probe appears like a single rod GWR probe but performs identical to a coaxial style GWR probe. Once installed in the appropriate size cage, the 7MG is a coaxial GWR probe with full mounting flexibility and mechanical overfill safety.

The 7MG is different from any other GWR probe on the market today. It re-uses existing by-pass cages, still wells or bridles as outer tube of a normal coaxial design. The 7MG is adapted in design to meet the 2”, 3” or 4” Ø size of the cage it will be operating in. A special adaption piece assures the perfect impedance alignment with the characteristic impedance of the newly formed coax style GWR probe.
The heavy duty industries want less selections, only safe solutions and equipment that enables to reduce downtime during maintenance. The new “Heavy Duty Guided Wave radar offer” provides a response to each of these criteria. The new offering includes heavy duty GWR probes that in line with the amplifier serve level, volume and interface with one single configuration, are designed to be used in clean and dirty liquids and are mechanically overfill safe. Mechanically overfill safety allows to measure up to the process flange and guarantees no loss of signal by mechanical design instead of software algorithms that some suppliers are forced to use.
10 years ago, Eclipse 705 was the first 2-wire loop powered Guided Wave radar on the market. Since then Eclipse 705 re-stated its leadership by adding new capabilities as first in the industry. The new Heavy duty offer and the new cage GWR probe once more re-states Magnetrol’s leadership in this technology. Eclipse 705 handles temperatures from
-196°C up to +430°C, pressures from full vacuum up to 430 bar, liquefied gases with very low dielectrics up to water based liquids and saturated steam applications for high pressure steam drums up to 155 bar.


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