• State-of-the-art process analysers to debut at ADIPEC 2021 

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State-of-the-art process analysers to debut at ADIPEC 2021 

Sep 27 2021

BARTEC will display some of their State-of-the-art process analysers at the upcoming ADIPEC 2021 in Abu Dhabi on November 15-18 at the German pavilion in Hall 8 on stand 8760. The analyser’s are very well known and established both in Abu Dhabi and across the globe. 

Salt in crude analyser  
In certain areas of the world, crude oils with high level of salts exist. This crude oil must still be transported and refined and the high levels of salt pose problems if left untreated. De-salting technology is well established, but to be utilized effectively the need for quick and accurate measurements of the level of salt concentration is necessary. The immediate response of an on-line analyser allows the operator to use de-salters as efficiently as possible. 

In remote areas with high ambient temperatures, the alcohol solvents used for measurement have forced end users into costly environmental conditioning to prevent solvent deterioration. The P-601 utilizes a single solvent approach with enhanced solvent characteristics, reduced chemical metering, and reduced maintenance items while still offering the repeatability and reliability of the original system. 

Vapour pressure process analyser  
The BENKE RVP-4 Vapour Pressure Process Analyser measures the vapour pressure of various petroleum products. Due to its design, it can be used for gasoline applications as well as for high pressure applications on natural gas liquids. It is also the best choice for applications for viscous samples such as crude oil without the necessity of implementing additional wash cycles. It is also possible to measure the vapour pressure at different temperatures e.g. True Vapour Pressure (TVP) for storage tank application. 

Viscosity process analyser 
The BENKE VISC-4 Viscosity Process Analyser continuously measures the kinematic viscosity of a product via the capillary method. Due to the outstanding performance and sample temperature stability of ± 0.02 K the VISC-4 is the best choice for highly accurate viscosity measurements e.g. lube oil production and fuel oil blending. This high level of accuracy results in cost reduction while improving product quality. The VISC-4 is suitable to handle samples with a viscosity of up to 1000 cSt at measurement temperatures of up to 100 °C. 

Hygrometer for trace humidity at low dew-point temperatures 
HYGROPHIL® F 5673 is a high-quality, multi-channel fibre-optic hygrometer for measuring the moisture of trace humidity at low dew-point temperatures in gases and liquid. The extremely robust temperature compensated moisture sensor was developed especially for natural gas applications and is now applied for many different applications. 

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