• One analyser for all vapour pressure applications

Analytical Instrumentation

One analyser for all vapour pressure applications

Nov 15 2022

In this competitive world, refiners need to use all the latest optimisation and product control techniques available. Reliable online physical property analysers are a vital component in the effort to reach those objectives because they measure directly vital quality parameters in the process. Vapour pressure is an indicator of a liquid’s evaporation rate and relative to the tendency of volatile components to escape from the liquid. To ensure the safe storage and transportation of petroleum products, whilst minimising the impact on the environment and assuring that combustion engines are functioning properly it is vital to measure the vapour pressure.

The BARTEC BENKE RVP-4 Vapour Pressure Process Analyser measures the vapour pressure of a variety of petroleum products. This unit features an ASTM compliant cylinder piston design with 4:1 expansion, an integral temperature control unit and network and fieldbus communication.

NEW, alternatively it is possible to get the RVP-4 with triple expansion methodology incorporated with the well-known BARTEC BENKE quality standard. It is the most modern and up to date triple expansion process analyser available on the market.

In addition to make life easier, a NEW option is now also available for the RVP-4. The compact air-cooled solution making the requirement for plant cooling water or cooling water provided by an additional chiller a thing of the past. The requirements for suitability of this new feature must be checked on a case-to-case basis. 

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