• Accurate and dependable trace moisture measurement in liquids and gas all along hydrocarbon processing streams

Analytical Instrumentation

Accurate and dependable trace moisture measurement in liquids and gas all along hydrocarbon processing streams

Oct 17 2023

BARTEC's HYGROPHIL F 5674 has an excellent track record for efficient and precise trace moisture measurement in liquids and gases, whether onshore or offshore. The HYGROPHIL F 5674 was initially developed to cater to the stringent demands of the natural gas market; however, this versatile instrument is also ubiquitous to refineries and chemical plants, where it is widely used for measuring trace moisture in liquid hydrocarbon process streams - it is also very effective for hydrogen applications such as H2 metering, recycle gas applications but also in several applications in the LNG production process.

HYGROPHIL F 5674’s measurement technology is centred around a Fabry-Pérot Interferometer; the analyte’s trace moisture content alters the refractive index of an optical layer positioned at the tip of the instrument sensor. The change in the light spectrum, caused by the presence of moisture, is then measured by an integrated spectrometer.

The multichannel HYGROPHIL F 5674, with its extremely rugged moisture sensors renowned for their outstanding, long-term stability, has been regularly used to great effect for monitoring gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon streams across the globe. Certified with ATEX, IECEx and CSA, the instrument is equipped with several outputs including analogue, Modbus RTU and TCP/IP for simple connection to the control system. This instrument offers operators flexible in-line solutions with an optional advanced sensor retraction armature, as well as great versatility for on-line applications with the choice of customised sample conditioning systems. The system also offers customised solutions for simple integration of the trace moisture measurement.

The highly dependable HYGROPHIL F 5674 is also highly easy to maintain; cleaning the sensors is a simple task, so virtually no maintenance is necessary.

BARTEC offers an array of flexible, standardised and customised solutions for precise and dependable process trace moisture measurement – contact them today to discuss your specific requirements.

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