• Perfection from the First Drop: High Precision Distillation Analyzers

Analytical Instrumentation

Perfection from the First Drop: High Precision Distillation Analyzers

Jun 20 2024

Atmospheric distillation is one of the most important testing methods in the process of refining crude oil into fuels or other petroleum products. Determining the boiling range of each distillation cut has major financial implications since it allows for an increase in output from the distillation tower, and thus in the volume of final products.

Anton Paar’s Diana 300 distillation analyzer - an entry-level alternative to the high-range Diana 700 that nonetheless boasts the same fuel distillation range and the same safety levels - ensures perfection from the very first drop.

The Diana series delivers the accuracy you need to analyze your products and maximize yield. The testing procedure and results comply with ASTM D86, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078, ISO 3405, IP 123, IP 195, JIS K 2254, and GOST 2177.

Both Diana 300 and Diana 700 cover an array of fuel samples (100 % fossil and blended fuels, like bio-fuels). Diana 700 maximizes throughput thanks to accelerated liquid-free Peltier cooling for uninterrupted measurements.

They also put a premium on safety with an in-built fire sensor and an internal fire extinguisher that can be initiated automatically or with a button. Diana 700 and Diana 300 help refineries get the most out of their crude oil. They can be used at tank terminals, refineries, transportation companies and independent labs; indeed, any company that handles fuels.

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