• Robust continuous monitoring and advanced analytics technology for methane production, transmission and storage infrastructure

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Robust continuous monitoring and advanced analytics technology for methane production, transmission and storage infrastructure

Jun 28 2024

Teledyne FLIR has launched ADGiLE, a new, highly sophisticated, fixed-mounted methane monitoring instrument. ADGiLE features optical gas imaging (OGI) technology as well as comprehensive and highly advanced edge detection analytics, ADGiLE provides the energy sector with the perfect solution for complying with environmental regulations and enhancing plant efficiency.

The ADGiLE system, which includes a pan-tilt gas imaging camera, an edge computing device, connectivity, and FLIR’s United VMS software within a robust package, will be of considerable help to oil and gas organisations struggling to address the constantly changing requirements for reducing methane gas leaks.

Teledyne FLIR designed and developed ADGiLE for wide-scale site video monitoring and continuous leak detection for storage tanks, compressors, separators and other equipment ubiquitous to the oil and gas sector. ADGiLE provides a groundbreaking, end-to-end fixed methane detection solution supported by FLIR’s uncooled GF77, a highly reputable OGI device, it provides operators with rest-assured confidence that they are achieving the industry’s criteria for methane mitigation.

The new system combines the GF77a with platform analytics processed at the edge to monitor emissions via automatic early detection, rapidly locating the source of the methane leak. It gives users crucial awareness of emission events that other methane detection technologies cannot offer, including satellite and aerial-based detection methods. FLIR’s United VMS software displays the data in the plant’s control room; this can be configured with customised alerts, areas of interest, and pre-set imaging pathways for a completely automated process.

ADGiLE’s main purpose is for use in midstream and high-concentration methane upstream applications. It detects and prevents high-volume emission leaks, leveraging FLIR’s unsurpassed edge detection analytics which have been developed around decades of detection data and experience to provide consistent and precise results. It enhances both efficiency and safety 24/7, as it works just as well during total darkness and daylight at safe distances, in all atmospheric and site conditions.

FLIR ADGiLE provides a unique, cutting-edge solution to handle the most critical of methane leak detection challenges while handing end-users operational insight to differentiate between emissions that are a part of day-to-day industry processes against fugitive emission events. The system also helps to thwart false readings, saving time and costs by eliminating the need to scrutinise and confirm specific leaks manually. It can also detect intermittent leaks that are all too often overlooked by deployed aerial detection technologies that use a wider temporal frequency. ADGiLE provides round-the-clock situational awareness to cope with the whole range of challenges originating from an extensive variety of methane emission situations.

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