• How is quantitative optical gas imaging an asset to the oil and gas related industries?

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How is quantitative optical gas imaging an asset to the oil and gas related industries?

Jan 23 2023

Quantitative optical gas imaging (qOGI) is a powerful tool that allows oil and gas industry operators to detect and quantify gas leaks that are invisible to the naked eye. This technology combines cooled hydrocarbon optical gas imaging (OGI) with an algorithmic solution to provide a highly accurate and reliable method for detecting leaks.

One of the key benefits of qOGI is improved worker safety. Gas leaks can be dangerous and being able to detect them quickly and accurately can help to prevent accidents and injuries. Additionally, qOGI can also help to improve environmental stewardship by identifying and addressing leaks that may be harmful to the environment.

Another advantage of qOGI is that it can be more cost-effective than other methods of leak detection. This is because it allows operators to detect leaks in real-time, which can help to minimize downtime and reduce the costs associated with repairs.

qOGI offers two modes of operation: real-time use and Q-Mode operation. In real-time use, a ruggedised tablet computer is plugged directly into a FLIR OGI camera, and the software quantifies the gas being imaged in real-time. In Q-Mode operation, the video is stored in the camera for later use, and the files can be downloaded to the tablet for analysis.

The tablet is designed for easy and convenient use with FLIR OGI cameras, and it does not require regular calibration. This makes it simple to implement qOGI for existing OGI camera users. With qOGI, operators can detect and quantify gas leaks more easily, safely and cost-effectively, making it an essential tool for the oil and gas industry.

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