• 3 answers to distillation applications from BARTEC!

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3 answers to distillation applications from BARTEC!

Feb 16 2023

The BARTEC Distillation Process Analyzer DPA-4 is the only distillation analyzer that is compliant with the master norm ASTM D86. 

Apart from measurement cycles fully compliant with the norm, the DPA-4 can be operated in the so called Rapid Analyzer Mode (RAM) in which the cycle time can be reduced to approx. 60%.

The BARTEC rapiDist-4 Analyzer is designed for fast process control of atmospheric distillation columns, blending processes as for all types of middle distillates, feedstock for petrochemical processes (naphtha), jet fuels, fuel oils, diesel fuels, similar petroleum products and liquid hydrocarbons. With the BARTEC rapiDist-4 it is now possible to achieve cycle times of e.g. 7-10 minutes for diesel without sacrifice measurement performance, while at the same time keep high closeness to the ASTM D86 procedure through miniaturization of core components and true volume measurement.

Optimize your profit by using fast cycle times (down to 10 minutes) for advanced process control applications such as blending facilities.The DPA-4 LowP is a version of the DPA-4 unit where the compartment is supplied with vacuum before starting the distillation. 

Fingerprint and basic hardware of the DPA-4 LowP are the same as of the DPA-4 standard unit. 

Distinctive features of DPA-4 LowP are reduced pressure generation and control as well as electrical heating of some analyzer parts to cope with high sample viscosity. 

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