• ERATEST FERRO. Outstanding Ferrous Debris Quantification

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ERATEST FERRO. Outstanding Ferrous Debris Quantification

Apr 16 2024

The ferrous debris analyzer ERATEST FERRO is a mobile and battery-operated measuring instrument for determining the total content of ferromagnetic wear particles in oils or greases. The instrument operates according to ASTM D8120 and provides the precise concentration in ppm of magnetizable debris with only 2 mL of sample.

ERATEST FERRO allows for the simple quantitative analysis of ferromagnetic particles in oil samples. With the integrated ARM high-performance processor, the built-in rechargeable battery and the 5-inch touchscreen, measurements are completed within seconds. An automatic and a manual measuring mode allow the user to customize the ERATEST FERRO exactly to individual requirements. The concentration of wear metals is determined with just 2 mL of sample. And all this without any sample preparation or special training of the operating personnel. The management of information about the sampled systems enables clear allocation of the results. The associated alarm values make it easy to recognize any problems in advance.

During the performance of individual measurements, a real-time graphic is used to evaluate the repeatability in the most efficient way possible. Combined with the highly accurate evaluation of the magnetic field, ERATEST FERRO therefore achieves outstanding measurement accuracy.

ERATEST FERRO is supplied inside a rugged transport case and is fit to deliver the best possible results in any environment. With this easy-to-transport and practical carrying case, you have all the consumables you need for a reliable measurement immediately to hand especially for on-site analysis. ERATEST FERRO is the perfect analyzer for many applications: Oil & gas processing, oil analysis lab, transportation, power generation and many more.

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