• Precise oil dispersancy analysis for oil condition monitoring

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Precise oil dispersancy analysis for oil condition monitoring

Nov 01 2023

Unlike measuring soot concentration and oil contamination where numerous options exist, measuring dispersancy performance is a real challenge to the oil condition monitoring analyst.

Dispersancy is the property that allows the lubricant to suspend and carry away "pollutants" of various sources such as soot from combustion, metallic particles from wear, corrosion of mechanical parts, and insoluble products resulting from the aging of the oil, etc. AD Systems offers a unique instrument on the market that automatically and simultaneously provides information on oil dispersancy along with contamination index (the content of sooty, insoluble material in lubricants). The DT100DL “Dispersancy Tester” conforms to the ASTM D7899 test method and is an integral part of oil condition monitoring programs for in-service lubricants.

Equipped with a high-resolution digital camera, the DT100DL takes images of the oil spot, and the built-in software analyses it and reports in just a few seconds the quality parameters of the oil: Merit of Dispersancy (MD), Contamination Index (IC) and combined performance rating (DP).

Simple to operate, the DT100 DL offers enhanced features for documenting, reporting and electronic archiving. Both colour images (identical to what the human eye sees) and B&W images of oil spots are stored with a “stamped” sample ID. Versatile communication protocol is configurable for the specific requirements of each laboratory.

This dispersancy tester helps oil condition monitoring experts to monitor the health of lubricant oil in service and alert when oil degradation starts to compromise the engine's durability.

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