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Apr 19 2024

ASTM International’s metallic and inorganic coatings committee (B08) is developing a proposed standard (WK29468), that will establish performance requirements for electrodeposited nanostructured zinc-nickel coatings.  
The scope of application for the coating will be to provide enhanced corrosion resistance in marine, industrial, and high humidity environments to oil & gas, automotive, and aerospace components such as fasteners, brackets, and housings, as well as other industrial applications.
“The proposed standard specifically targets nanostructured grain microstructures that are achieved through advanced modulated electrodeposition technologies, creating a distinct nano-laminar structure,” said member Herman Amaya from Modumetal, Inc. “These features collectively result in enhanced corrosion resistance, as validated by field tests and ASTM B117 Salt fog results and will form the guideline for developing internal specifications that companies will use to establish requirements as specified in purchase orders.”
Amaya also notes that the proposed standard is the first within the committee that introduces the application of adjusted electrodeposition parameters known as nanolaminar, pulse, and reverse pulse plating that have been under development for the past 15 years and that are now being commercially applied.
All interested parties are invited to join in the development of the proposed standard. Experts in materials science, electrochemistry, and industrial coating applications are especially encouraged to participate.

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