• An efficient wireless solution for inventory monitoring

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An efficient wireless solution for inventory monitoring

Apr 16 2024

Digital inventory monitoring in the oil and gas sector offers real-time visibility and optimized operations. Digital tools provide insights into inventory levels, enabling prompt responses to change in demand and supply chain disruptions, thus preventing overstocking and stockouts, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency. Enhanced collaboration with suppliers streamlines the supply chain and therefore reduces lead times. Predictive maintenance minimizes downtime and extends asset lifespan, ensuring smooth operations and mitigating the risk of unexpected failures. Furthermore, data-driven decision-making is facilitated by insights into inventory trends and operational efficiency.

Integrating advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, for real-time monitoring offers numerous benefits for plant operators. However, handling and analyzing the vast amount of data generated from these technologies requires robust data management systems. Endress+Hauser is an experienced partner when it comes to integrating inventory monitoring systems with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, where a seamless communication between different software platforms is crucial.

Optimizing fuel storage

To increase efficiency and optimize processes, e.g. in fuel storage, companies are looking for the most efficient way to reliably organize and improve their inventory monitoring. During tank operation, instruments are not easily accessible for maintenance and calibration. Instrument reliability is therefore crucial and redundant level measurements are often essential. This forces tank farms to be equipped with a second type of level measurement in addition to the existing tank gauging systems, preferably without plant shutdowns during installation. A solution from Endress+Hauser with free-space radars and WirelessHART connection provides a remedy here.

Micropilot FMR62 is an 80GHz free space radar, offering maximum reliability and a small beam angle. When it comes to measuring the level of aggressive liquids, the FMR62 is an excellent option due to its PTFE-filled and flush-mounted antenna. It can accurately measure levels within ±1mm, making it perfect for fuel level measurements. Additionally, the Micropilot FMR62 offers high beam focusing, making it ideal for use in vessels with many internal fittings.

A WirelessHART network can be enabled by implementing various FieldPort SWA50 or SWA70 adapters and a FieldGate SWG50 gateway, which is suitable for remote monitoring or as a digital second channel by using extended information about measurements and/or diagnostic information. The FieldPort adapters convert the HART output signal of the connected level devices into a reliable and encrypted WirelessHART signal. The measurement data and diagnostic information from the free-space radar devices is sent to the WirelessHART gateway every 1 minute, and thanks to Modbus TCP, the customer is getting complete data insights for their inventory monitoring system. All devices fulfill requirements for installations in hazardous locations.

FieldPort adapters from Endress+Hauser also support Bluetooth alongside WirelessHART, enabling wireless access to the radar devices for configuration. Using an Ex-proof Field Xpert tablet, customers connect to FieldPort and radar devices via Bluetooth, ensuring safer maintenance operations from a distance of 10-15 meters.

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