• Save time and money with fully automated viscosity measurements


Save time and money with fully automated viscosity measurements

Apr 16 2024

Anton Paar's SVM series offers fully automated multi-parameter analysis of petroleum samples, including viscosity (ASTM D7042 and D445) and density (ASTM D4052). With additional features for freeze point, cloud point, and carbon type composition analysis (ASTM D2140 and D3238), SVM maximizes efficiency. For seamless operation, SVM capabilities can be further enhanced using a sample changer.

Reduce costs and enhance productivity

Maximize productivity and minimize operational costs by automating your laboratory with one of our sample changers. The Xsample autosampler fully automates your SVM, significantly reducing costs per determination by enabling measurements during off-hours, including nights and weekends. This minimizes downtime and allows lab personnel to focus on critical tasks instead of manual sample introduction and cleaning after each measurement. Our autosamplers minimize handling errors by following reproducible and customizable protocols for filling & cleaning routines.

Versatile sampler solutions for every need

Discover our range of samplers tailored to fit any budget and application in combination with SVM kinematic viscometers. Choose from single to multi samplers to suit your specific requirements. Single samplers operate with a variable-volume syringe and offer convenient cleaning with up to two solvents. For unattended measurement, opt for our multi autosamplers that are capable of accommodating up to 71 samples. They come stored conveniently in a magazine and include unattended cleaning with up to three solvents.

Whether you require a heated or a non-heated autosampler, we have you covered. Our heated options (Xsample 610 and 630/631) ensure precise temperature control, while non-heated models (Xsample 340 and 530) provide versatility for a wide range of sample needs.

Accessories for challenging samples

Unlock the full potential of your SVM with our range of accessories that are specially designed to tackle even the most challenging samples. These include essential add-ons like the hot filling attachment (HFA), ideal for samples prone to solidification. Additionally, the magnetic particle trap (MPT) efficiently removes ferromagnetic particles from used oil samples, and the pressurized waste bottle is used for measurement of gassing samples under pressure.

Both Xsample 530 and 630/631 can be equipped with an MPT, while the Xsample 530 is ready for a specialized pressurized measurement unit (PMU). The heated samplers incorporate the functionality of the HFA with insulated hoses for both sample introduction and draining.

Moreover, Xsample supports various instrument configurations, including the combination of SVM and Abbemat, creating a robust multiparameter measurement system.

Future-proof your lab with Anton Paar SVM & Xsample

Elevate your lab's efficiency and reliability with Anton Paar's SVM viscometers seamlessly integrated with our range of autosamplers. Future-proof your operations by automating processes and ensuring consistent results. With the addition of an Xsample, boost productivity and enhance reproducibility, empowering operators to prioritize crucial tasks.

Don't miss the full potential of SVM in your laboratory—invest in this combination today.        

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