• IECEX-certified viscometer ideal for a host of demanding applications including fuels and lubricants


IECEX-certified viscometer ideal for a host of demanding applications including fuels and lubricants

Jun 03 2024

SOFRASER's MIVI viscometer has been certified IECEX flameproof (Zone 1) and intrinsically safe (Zone 0), an international recognition of compliance with the most stringent safety standards. In addition to JIS for Japan, KGS for South Korea, FM for the USA and ATEX for the European Union, this certification confirms MIVI's position as a world leader in process viscosity measurement.

Used in a wide range of applications, the MIVI provides reliable viscosity measurement, guaranteeing total satisfaction for thousands of users worldwide. This viscometer is used in standard and hygienic process conditions, as well as in harsh environments such as dust, high temperatures, high pressures and hazardous areas. Its measurement range easily adapts to different viscosities; from 10 mPa.s to 1000 Pa.s at process temperature, it can provide high-sensitivity capabilities down to 0.01 mPa.s.

Multiple mounting options (In Line, In Tank, On Line, in measuring chamber) ensure trouble-free installation. With density measurement also available with the same sensor, kinematic viscosity can easily be calculated.

The MIVI sensor guarantees a rapid return on investment, as it is easy to install and operate, and requires virtually no maintenance. With its wide range of options, the MIVI is the essential instrument for many industries. Combined with a state-of-the-art display, it easily handles all your process and quality control needs thanks to data processing including correlation and temperature compensated viscosity and adjustable output capabilities.

With over 40 years' experience and 1500 ways to be unique, SOFRASER's MIVI viscometer delivers a customised solution for every industry, be it hygienic, sanitary, high-pressure, high temperature or high-sensitivity processes.

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