• New, versatile and innovative viscometer - directly mountable on small, flanged nozzles


New, versatile and innovative viscometer - directly mountable on small, flanged nozzles

Mar 28 2023

SOFRASER has introduced its latest innovation in viscosity technology and temperature measurement with the launch of the INVI viscometer. This new viscometer is based on Sofraser's renowned vibrating type measuring principle, and it can be used in every process application and quality control condition.

The INVI has a reduced-size design that enables it to be mounted directly onto small nozzles already in place on the process line without requiring any adaptation. This probe can be installed on a reactor or pipe and provides instantaneous and continuous measurement of both viscosity and temperature. This all-in-one solution is available in three different configurations, including remote electronics that can be matched with all the models of Sofraser's electronics and HMI processors, embedded blind electronics, and embedded electronics with display.

The main advantage of the INVI sensor is its ability to fit with the nozzle already in place on the process line, and it can also be customized to be installed on any kind of flanges from 1''1/2 to 2''1/2 or larger. This viscometer allows improved process operations through reliable, repeatable, and continuous measurement, resulting in permanent production efficiency and increased profitability.

Thanks to its simple and long-lasting design, ease of installation and use, the INVI guarantees a rapid ROI as well as requiring low maintenance. SOFRASER's R&D department provides the latest innovations in its field and helps thousands of customers increase their performance while reducing their environmental impact.

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