• Remaining Committed to Addressing Every Petroleum Industry Need

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Remaining Committed to Addressing Every Petroleum Industry Need

Jun 11 2024

Anton Paar’s SVM viscometer addresses every need in the petroleum industry. In the petroleum industry, ensuring compliance with international standards across all parameters is paramount. Viscosity and density are two critical properties specified for nearly every product, spanning (bio-)diesel fuel, jet and (distillate and residual) marine fuels, engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, and transformer oils.

Anton Paar’s SVM viscometers adhere to ASTM D7042 or ISO 23581 for viscosity, and D4052 or ISO 12185 for density testing. Certain models can also determine the viscosity index (VI) according to ASTM D2270. All these test methods are recognized and accepted by international standardization bodies, eliminating the requirement for outdated (manual) techniques.

Anton Paar offers a diverse range of SVM models to suit various needs, from the entry-level SVM 1X01 series  (ideal for quick kinematic viscosity or density tests outside the QC or R&D lab, such as at filling lines or wherever monitoring of an oil's condition is necessary), to the advanced SVM X001 series capable of precise measurements across a wide temperature range (-60 °C to +135 °C, or down to -20 °C without an external chiller) and a viscosity range of 0.2 mm²/s to 30,000 mm²/s. Specialized models offer ultrafast VI determinations or additional capabilities like cloud- or freeze-point determination. High-end variants can even integrate with an Abbemat refractometer for automatic carbon type composition analysis, meeting ASTM D2140 and D3238 standards.

SVM operates autonomously and can be equipped with an optional autosampler for up to 71 positions. Its durable metal measuring cell eliminates the risk of broken glass capillaries, ensuring reliability and longevity while reducing consumable costs. SVM streamlines operations and boasts a 150 % increase in throughput compared to manual techniques, with just 1.5 mL of sample and solvent per measurement. Control is simplified through an intuitive touchscreen interface, freeing users from the need for external PCs that handle samples or store data.

Anton Paar’s SVM viscometer series provides the ultimate solution for petroleum testing, meeting over 50 international standards. It’s simultaneously a lab upgrade and a farewell to legacy test methods!

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