• Advanced, on-line solutions for process control

Analytical Instrumentation

Advanced, on-line solutions for process control

Nov 20 2019

As a highly specialist company for on-line analytical technology, Topnir Systems understands the importance of the accuracy, speed and reliability required of their turnkey instrumentation, which are now used throughout the world.

These precision instruments feature Topnir’s unique technology, based on topology, delivering all the crucial hydrocarbon property measurements in less than 1 minute, off-line and on-line, through a self-learning approach without a standard model

Topnir have years of experience working with technicians in blending operations (crude oils, gasoline/petroleum, diesel, fuel oils, etc…) as well as process plants, mainly for crude distillation units (CDU, VDU), steam crackers, reformers, FCC, HCK and any process plant requiring the characterisation of feed and rundowns. Topnir can also offer unique, tailor-made solutions for refiners of base oils and bitumen.

The property predictions obtained from Topnir’s technology is usually to a higher standard than those set by the ASTM, facilitating a drastic reduction in loss of time and material during the processing of processed, hydrocarbon products.

As Topnir can offer just one highly robust and reliable analyser to cater for the whole range of measurement requirements needed by their customers, there are a host of cost savings associated with ownership.  Besides the low operating and maintenance cost of the analyser itself, operators can be assured of the quality of their feedstock and product, with no need for reblending or tank correction after blending, an increased rate of throughput, optimisation cost savings on diesel additives, reduced demuragge costs, a smaller component inventory and therefore reduced working capital expenditure. A vast majority of operators have their investment recovered within 6- 12 months  

Being only one single analyser measuring all the properties while using a very robust and reliable model, the Topnir solution leads to operational profits while significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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