• Simultaneous measurement of vapour pressure (ASTM D5191) and density (ASTM D4052) with a single, portable analyser

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Simultaneous measurement of vapour pressure (ASTM D5191) and density (ASTM D4052) with a single, portable analyser

Nov 24 2022

eralytic’s versatile ERAVAP performs vapour pressure measurements with unsurpassed accuracy, speed and reliability over an unrivaled temperature range of -20 °C/4 °F to 120 °C/248 °F. This robust and portable device is ideal for use in mobile labs, terminals and onsite analysis. 

The ERAVAP features a unique, optional combination with the extremely lightweight (less than 1 kg) DENS4052 temperature-controlled U-tube density meter to provide ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185 (r = 0.0001 g/cm3) density measurements. This makes this device the only single instrument that offers simultaneous measurements of two parameters included in international fuel specifications such as ASTM D4814 and EN 228, specifically: vapour pressure of petroleum, diesel and jet fuels (ASTM D5191 and D6378) and density of petroleum, diesel and jet fuel (ASTM D4052). 

The ERAVAP features a unique quality control mode (ASTM D6299); this guarantees that operators will have precise results every time – quickly and easily. For efficient quality control, the operator can set an individual warning level for each QC sample. Should the measured result fall outside the set limit, a warning is displayed automatically. An removable housing enables quick and easy access for calibration; there is no need to dismantle the analyser.

ERAVAP provides the perfect solution for determining vapour pressure and density of fuels, quality control of refining streams, fuel blending and research or mobile applications within the criteria of the latest global standards. It is an ideal instrument for numerous sample types such as petroleum, hydrocarbon solvents, LPG, crude, jet fuel and solvents. In addition,  ERAVAP can be equipped with eralytics’ directly attached 10-position autosampler to maximise sample throughput.

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