• XCP® integrated Engine Air Control System enables precise management of engine intake air

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XCP® integrated Engine Air Control System enables precise management of engine intake air

Aug 04 2021

CFR Engines Inc. offers the Engine Air Control System (EACS) for precise and reliable management of engine intake air and auxiliary cooling. Users can rely on the factory design and performance of a complete octane test package, when the EACS is paired with a CFR® F1/F2 unit and CFR recommended exhaust components. The EACS carries the CE Mark and like all CFR products, it is made in the USA. 

The EACS easily integrates with existing units to form an overall octane testing system, and leverages XCP Technology to produce the most reliable Octane Number. The Engine Air Control System can be used with any existing engine, including those using a Legacy control panel. However, when the EACS is used on an engine with an XCP panel, the EACS becomes part of the overall system managed by XCP Technology. This integration with XCP allows users to fully manage the EACS from the central HMI of the XCP. It also provides automatic data recording of the EACS performance by the XCP and includes the engine intake air humidity on the final octane test report for improved accountability.

With a nominal design operating range of 60°F – 100°F (16°C – 38°C) and 10-60% relative humidity, the standard production EACS can reliably support operation in nearly all global environments. Additionally, the EACS provides carburetor coolant at a temperature range of 33°F – 50°F (0.6°C – 10°C). Management of engine intake air temperature, precise control of intake air humidity, and proper use of carburetor cooling are all critical to meeting the precision that a documented and defendable Octane Number test requires. Controlling variables and achieving a successful octane test is easier while using an EACS integrated with XCP Technology.

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