• The Volumetric Blending System…a new solution for perfecting your Reference Fuel Blending

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The Volumetric Blending System…a new solution for perfecting your Reference Fuel Blending

May 09 2022

The precise blending of primary, secondary, and standard fuels per ASTM D2699, D2700, and D613 is essential for the calibration and standardization of the CFR engines used for the determination of the research octane number, motor octane number, and cetane number. To support reference fuel blending accuracy, CFR Engines Inc. (CFR) has developed a Volumetric Blending System (VBS).

The VBS system has a unique design that utilizes pneumatic technology instead of electric pumps to minimize set-up requirements, minimize fuel handling, and enable flexibility of unit placement. It also includes an added distribution valve that can be used for either a warm-up fuel or calibration fuel.

System operation is simple, with fuels being pumped by using the latest pneumatic technology direct from the fuel drum to the calibrated burettes found on the distribution panel positioned in your laboratory. This removes the use of header tanks or the requirement for manual handling of the primary or secondary reference fuels. ASTM specification burettes are equipped with zero calibration devices and minimum diameter calibration sections for exact data reading. The flow-limited distribution valve ensures optimum mixture accuracy and service safety allowing you to always be ASTM compliant.

Like all CFR Engines Inc. products, the Volumetric Blending System (VBS) is designed and manufactured in the USA. The VBS is offered either as a wall mounted or cabinet mounted system with the added flexibility to add amber burettes to either configuration.

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