• The future for octane and cetane analysis has arrived

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The future for octane and cetane analysis has arrived

Aug 12 2022

CFR Engines Inc. (CFR) expandable control panel XCP™ provides a powerful means of controlling functionality for its F1/F2 and F5 engines that ensures compliance and conformance to ASTM® D2699, D2700, D2885, D613, as well as ISO/IEC 17025.

XCP™ is the future for octane and cetane testing, providing an integrated solution and systems with expanded capabilities, including the Continuous Testing System (CTS), Octane Analyser (OA), and the Engine Air Control System (EACS).

The XCP™ Continuous Testing System (CTS) is the latest expanded product that provides a reliable foundation for further advances in fuel testing. With customizable remote monitoring and control capabilities through the XCP™, it allows for standard output screens, unit/system status and control, real time performance curves, and data table summaries. XCP™ is now available to support ASTM® D2885 online and blending applications.

The Octane Analyser (OA) option can be applied to existing CFR F1/F2 units with XCP™, providing users an automated octane testing solution. The OA upgrade option provides the capability to run all four test methods of the current ASTM® D2699 and ASTM® D2700 with the expanded benefit of being able to run procedure (D) (Bracketing OA) allowing users to capitalise on faster test results and better utilization of resources. XCP™ provides measurement accuracy with digital instrumentation, the flexibility and ease-of-use of computer guided operation, and accountability of data recording and reporting to ensure that your laboratory is complying with ISO/IEC 17025.

The Engine Air Control System (EACS) leverages the XCP™ technology to provide precise management of engine intake air temperature, control of intake air humidity, and proper use of carburettor cooling. While the unit can be used with a legacy control panel, when paired with the XCP™ panel, it becomes part of the overall integrated system, allowing users to fully manage it from the central HMI of the XCP. With a nominal design operating range of 60°F–100°F (16°C–38°C), 10%-60% humidity, and carburettor coolant control at a temperature range of 33°F-50°F (0.6°C-10°C), the EACS can successfully support Octane testing in nearly all global environments.

Future developments to the engine and control panel will continue to advance the octane and cetane testing capabilities and benefits of the XCP™, including improved connectivity with remote apps to allow for monitoring and control, multi-language capabilities, and more.

XCP™ is standard equipment on all new CFR engines and is also available as an upgrade option for legacy engines, dependant on the age and condition of the unit. For eligible units in good mechanical condition, the upgrade from a Legacy control panel to an XCP™ panel can be completed with minimal downtime. CFR Engines Inc. and its authorised channel partners are uniquely trained to assist users with determining the correct XCP™ solution that suits your facility.

XCP™ remains the future for octane and cetane testing, providing a reliable and long-term solution that will ensure risk-free operation and enhanced testing performance.

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