• Integration and flexible solutions for petroleum laboratories

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Integration and flexible solutions for petroleum laboratories

Dec 05 2022

CFR Engines Inc. provides an integrated and flexible structured approach to laboratory quality management that leverages smart integrations of systems and accessories while removing manual efforts.

With the growing intensity on laboratories for optimisation and increased quality control, XCP® Technology (XCP®) provides a powerful means of controlling functionality for the F1/F2 and F5 engines that ensures compliance and conformance to ASTM® D2699, D2700, D2885, and D613. XCP® is the future for octane and cetane testing, providing integrated solutions and flexible capabilities such as the Octane Analyser (OA), Engine Air Control System (EACS), and Continuous Testing System (CTS).

Integration of XCP® has allowed for easy navigation, data collection, and safety flags to ensure that your laboratory is always complying to ISO/IEC 17025. With data reports at your fingertips and guided operation through the test methods, XCP® has ensured CFR® users have the correct tools to run their business efficiently and effectively.

Recent developments integrating an Octane Analyser (OA) with a CFR® state-of-the-art XCP® allow for further expandability, flexible solutions, and the capability to run all four test methods of the current ASTM® D2699 and ASTM® D2700. This integration also provides the expanded benefit of being able to run procedure (D) (Bracketing OA), optimize faster test results, and more efficient use of resources in your laboratory.

The Engine Air Control System (EACS) integrated with a CFR® XCP® allows management of engine intake air and auxiliary cooling – storing a record of the humidity with each test report when integrated with XCP®. The ability to control the EACS from the ever-expandable XCP® platform allows continued monitoring of critical parameters and allows your laboratory to ensure compliance is always met.

The Continuous Testing System (CTS) integrated with a CFR® XCP®, is the first factory-supported and approved online platform that allows automatic, 24/7 operation linking one or more engines to the refinery’s online octane blending system. The system includes standard output screens, unit/system status and control, real-time performance curves, and data table summaries in an easy to navigate icon driven architecture

Upcoming developments to the engine, control panel, and further accessories will continue to improve the capabilities and benefits of the XCP® in octane and cetane testing. Additional features are in development which include improved connectivity with remote apps to allow for monitoring and control, multi-language capabilities, and more features for the future that will meet CFR® users’ needs.

Integration of all CFR® products is essential to ensure that measurements are taken accurately and in near real-time to identify issues before they impact the quality of results. Additionally, an audit of a laboratory that has integrated systems and testing equipment is easily managed. All the data is captured, data stamped, and records are stored electronically, removing the reliance on a paperwork trail. The information and critical data are always at the user’s fingertips and provide confirmation of a user’s ability to operate CFR® products effectively and efficiently

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