• Precise, reliable and user-friendly continuous toxic gas analysers

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Precise, reliable and user-friendly continuous toxic gas analysers

May 02 2022

The third generation Model 201-C MP from PID Analyzers continuous toxic gas analyser is an accurate and durable system capable of doing the work of 20 analysers in a single system. Several years ago, the flame ionization detector (FID) was added to the 201 series product line. Other continuous analysers in the 200 series include the Model 202 Infrared (IR) for carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, thermal conductivity detector (TCD), Model 204 and a Model 210 Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Analyser. The addition of these new analysers greatly improves the capability and range of process analysers from PID.

PID or FID applications include monitoring effluents from chemical, refining, or manufacturing, carbon bed breakthrough, leak detection from process equipment, non-methane hydrocarbons in ambient or stack. FID only applications are: Catalyst drying ovens for removing solvents, incineration of total hydrocarbons in ambient or plant ppb levels of VOCs. PID only applications are as follows: Remediation site monitoring, intake air in chemical or manufacturing plants- used to control recirculation of air VOC’s in water with optional sparging system (Model 650) for total VOCs in water at ppm-ppb levels.

The Model 201C PID or FID features an automatic restart capability - in the event of a power outage, the instrument will automatically restart. This user-friendly instrument is automatically calibrated – simply pushing a button will adjust the response. Its wide operating range means that there is no need to manually change ranges – measurement ranges are - ppm 0-50, 0-5,000 0-5,000 and ppb 0-5,000 ppb, 0-50 ppm, 0-500. In cases of PID auto zero, the Model 201 C PID automatically injects zero gas and adjusts auto zero for FID PID- lamp out alarm. If the FID flame is out, hydrogen will be shut-off and an alarm set off. Communication and reote control of the instrument: USB, RS232/RS485, 4-20mA outputs, client PLC can be programmable/interfaced. Digital output; 0-1 VDC/Analogue output-Up to 6 dual set points that are programmable- can be used to shut down a process, remotely dial a number. WIFI and Bluetooth can be enabled or disabled depending on client preference. In addition, the long lifetime of the analyser and sensors coupled with the minimal level of maintenance results in a low cost of ownership 

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