• Volatile and semi volatile hydrocarbons measurement in ambient air near industrial area 

Measurement and Testing

Volatile and semi volatile hydrocarbons measurement in ambient air near industrial area 

May 31 2018

Volatile and Semi Volatile Hydrocarbons are recognised as a toxic group of organic compounds (e.g. Benzene, Phenol, Naphthalene…), with documented carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic properties. These compounds can be organised in two families, the aromatic and the aliphatic hydrocarbons, which have different impact on people’s safety, odor and environment. They are produced naturally by wood fire, volcanoes and human activities such as coal, refineries and gasoline combustion. 

They are particularly prevalent in urban and industrial environments. In several applications, such as refinery site depollution, the ground is moved and the compounds are emitted at different concentrations, leading to odor and safety issues. Because of their toxicity, the emission of these compounds into urban and workplace air have been limited at very low levels by regulations. Therefore, there is an increasing need for continuously and accurately monitor the molecules that are emitted. 

To meet these needs, Chromatotec® has developed a specific instrument dedicated to the measurement of Hydrocarbons C6 to C16 (including some Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons) with a sensitivity in the range of low ng/m3. The instrument is designed to decrease the risk of interference caused by other molecules that may be present in the sample. A specific internal calibration system is used to validate the data and to ensure a good stability of the analytical solution. This all in one solution includes gas generators and sampling pump to make it completely autonomous. 

Vistachrom software is used for data display and treatment. Results are presented as aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons for an easier data analysis. In addition, it is also possible to provide results as sum of hydrocarbons. This flexibility in the software designed becomes of great help for the user during the phase of data study or to create reports.

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