• Automatic TEG analysis in natural gas

Measurement and Testing

Automatic TEG analysis in natural gas

Apr 26 2021

Chromatotec has developed the chroma C6C20+ to allow for the measurement of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and sVOCs), from low ppb up to % levels of concentration. This system is equipped with an internal calibration system and heated transfer lines to avoid condensation of the sVOCs. 

The analyser can be used for applications in the natural gas market such as TEG analysis. Indeed, Triethylene glycol (boiling point at 285 °C) is used for dehydration of natural gas to avoid water condensation in high-pressure pipelines. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor gaseous concentrations of TEG with a lower limit of 50 ppm. 

The chroma C6C20+ is perfectly suited for this measurement, as it automatically identifies and quantifies TEG and includes automatic alarm systems to notify users when concentrations are below the required values.

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