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  • How are you Measuring H2S in your Crude Oil?

How are you Measuring H2S in your Crude Oil?

Oct 17 2016 Read 919 Times

Electrochemical and titration methods of analysis for measuring volatile compounds – such as H2S and ammonia - in water are aging techniques which do not produce continuous and real time measurements. The new ability to leverage rich data is changing every process within our industry; real-time measurements allow for real-time decisions and automation that maximises the profitability and safety of your operation.

If you are involved in the processing of industrial water and have not already implemented real-time monitoring, you are not only risking corrosion damage to pipelines and financial losses from off-spec unit operations, but you may also be compromising the safety of other personnel. However, given the amount of ineffective instruments proposed for this task in the past - often using “proprietary membranes” and other high-maintenance workarounds -  operators can’t be blamed for not jumping excitedly into 24-hour analysis.

Applied Analytics (USA) manufactures and supports a unique UV spectrophotometric solution for measuring in opaque liquids. The Applied Analytics system combines their solid-state OMA process analyser with their proven headspace sampling method: since liquids are often too opaque in the UV and dirty to transmit a light signal, the headspace instrument receives a continuous liquid sample stream and produces a representative gas-phase sample perfect for analysis by the OMA. Flowing a stripping gas through a small-scale absorption column, the headspace sampler extracts the volatile components from the liquid into the vapour phase and instantly outputs the concentration per Henry’s Law.

Applied Analytics offer the most robust and reliable method available for this measurement, trusted by Saudi Aramco, Exxon, and other industry leaders.

It’s time to be more vigilant about H2S in your crude oil! Call Applied Analytics today to learn how they can optimise your process and ensure employee safety.

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