• Introducing Single Shot Autosampler for ElemeNtS

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Introducing Single Shot Autosampler for ElemeNtS

Oct 15 2019

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Single Shot Autosampler for the Antek ElemeNtS. This option allows customers just running a few samples per day to also benefit the from the advantages of the sulfur/nitrogen analyser.

The Single Shot Autosampler (SSA) for ElemeNtS provides a cost-effective solution for injecting a single replicate sample by syringe. By using a dual motor design to facilitate automatic needle insertion through the septum, optimum repeatability is guaranteed. The SSA is fully programmable and receives power and automatic control through the ElemeNtS.

PAC launched ElemeNtS last year, offering a solution for simultaneously analyze total Sulphur and Nitrogen using Ultra Violet Fluorescence (UVF) and Chemiluminescence (CLD) in liquid, gaseous materials and LPG samples.

These are some of its benefits:

  • Sensitivity: As low as 10 ppb and up to 1%.
  • Stability: Linearity for both Sulfur and Nitrogen up to four orders of magnitude and a long-term stability for more than 6 months.
  • User Interface: 10-inch high definition touchscreen on the instrument and a new software to fully control the instrument and analyze the results from a computer.
  • Bench Space: Smallest simultaneous combustion analyzer on the market.

The ElemeNtS has a completely new and optimized combustion and heat management system, new electronics, flow controls built in and detector base pressure control allowing for ultra-stable baselines, providing the lowest detection limits.

To learn more about the new ElemeNtS and its new single shot autosampler, click here.

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