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World Class Simulated Distillation

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Orbis’ (The Netherlands) new SimDist analyser has been developed and is supported by experts with many years of simulated distillation technology. Consisting of a very versatile and user-friendly gas chromatograph, fully equipped to satisfy all user requirements. The flexible and adaptable basic structure accommodates up to four injectors and detectors for all types of column.
Orbis’ new analyser is provided with unique, specifically developed chromatographic data acquisition and analysis soft ware conforming to ASTM D2887 and other SIMDIST test methods.
In short, the new Orbis analyser offers you the opportunity to obtain the most accurate SimDist information available to date and therefore achieve maximum cost effectiveness for your business.
Simulated Distillation (SimDist) is a well-established technique widely used to characterize petroleum fractions which have a broad range of boiling point distribution.
Therefore, a knowledge of the boiling point distribution is an essential asset in the production and commercialization of petroleum streams.
The Orbis SimDist analyser complies fully with ASTM D2887 and data correlation to physical distillation methods such as D 86. Other properties which will be capable of being determined are gasoline in engine oil (D3525), flash point (D56, D93, D3834) correlation from SimDist data, oil in water (hydrocarbon oil index) (ISO 9377-2), engine oil volatility (D6417) and high temperature SimDist (D7189) The gas chromatograph (GC) of the Orbis SimDist analyser is very versatile providing ease of operation. Considering its compact dimensions, the oven is extremely spacious and easily accessible. All parameters are controlled by the supplied computer and software thereby guaranteeing total accuracy and repeatability of time and temperatures.
The Orbis SimDist analyser offers several reporting options such as chromatogram and boiling point distribution plot, calculation parameters, charts of boiling point vs. retention time or %(m/m) and analysis result, % (m/m) vs. Boiling Point, °C.
The autosampler allows 24 samples to be placed in a removable tray for easy loading and two aligned injectors facilitate sample loading and ensure maximum productivity.
The sampler gives free access to both injectors at the same time for manual injection, if required. The unique data acquisition and evaluation software has been developed by experts withmore than 50 years of experience in petroleum industry analysis and is designed for use with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.
It has a simple user interface based on Excel, thus facilitating customization and use with other office software packages.
It allows complete ASTM D2887 analysis in 20 minutes, with D86 correlation fromSIMDIST data, and two user-selectable cut-points for process control. The Orbis SimDist analyser is configured at source to determine true boiling point distribution of petroleum fractions and products such as diesel and jet fuel.
Specifications for jet fuel (ASTM D1655) and diesel fuel (ASTM D975) list ASTM D2887 as an accepted alternative to physical distillation method D86. The Orbis Simdist analyser will report both the true boiling point data and the correlated D86 data.
This makes the Orbis Simdist analyser essential to every refinery laboratory world-wide, large or small, wanting to obtain maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness from their refining and production processes.
It is especially attractive, because of the inclusion of D2887 into the diesel and jet fuel specifications, to the smaller laboratories who now need not have cumbersome physical distillation equipment as well as gas-chromatographic instruments. Also, from a safety standpoint, Refinery
Managers need to consider that replacing D86 equipment by an ORBIS SIMDIST analyser greatly reduces the risk of fire accidents in the laboratory.

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