• Fast & Accurate Analysis of Peroxides in Chemical Products

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Fast & Accurate Analysis of Peroxides in Chemical Products

Oct 20 2020

A new application note describes an automated method to determine the traces of Peroxides in chemical products within five minutes. The system has been introduced in 2016 by Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions as the DVLS Fast Peroxide Analyser (FPA). The FPA system is based on an Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC system configured with a pump, an autosampler, a DVLS reaction module and a UV-VIS detector.

Flow Injection System

To solve the air interference issue of the traditional titration methods the FPA system uses a flow injection technique to determine the Peroxides present in the sample. The analysis of Peroxide, as active Oxygen, is based on the oxidation of Iodide by Peroxides.
A sample is introduced into a stream containing acidified Iodide. A Peroxide will undergo the same reaction as in an iodometric titration as seen in Equation One. This reaction takes place in a special reaction module designed by Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) to optimise the conversion of formed Iodine. The formed Iodine is detected using UV-VIS spectroscopy at its optimal wavelength for Iodine.

ROOR + 2 I- + 2 H+ → I2 + 2 ROH

Equation One: Redox reaction of Iodide with Peroxide

Wide Application Range

The Fast Peroxide Analyser was initially developed to monitor peroxides in alpha-olefinic streams, however a new study shows that it can also be used to determine Peroxides in various chemical products such as:

  • Alcohols & Ethers;
  • Aromatics;
  • Dicyclopentadiene;
  • Styrene & Vinyl Pyridines.

To demonstrate if the FPA system is a fast and accurate alternative to current titration test methods a wide range of chemical samples are included in a study. A new application note describes this study and lists the FPA performance for the various chemical products at ppm and ppb levels. Figure Two displays the analysis of Styrene at ppb level. Figure Three displays the curves resulting from the calibration and addition.

The LOD is estimated as <10 ppb active Oxygen based on the uncertainty in the regression of the calibration curve. The calibration curves in different sample matrices show that the sample matrix does not affect the response. Depending on the product ppb level detection limits are found. This demonstrates that the Fast Peroxide Analyser can be applied to determine Peroxides in a wide range of chemical products at various concentration levels. Download the application note for more information.

Key Benefits of the Fast Peroxide Analyser:

  • Fast analysis in less than 5 minutes;
  • Wide application range;
  • Excellent performance down to ppb level;
  • Automated alternative to traditional wet chemistry analysis methods;
  • Closed analysis system prevents air interference issues;
  • Configuration based on the standard Agilent HPLC modules saves bench space.

Interested? Contact Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions for more information.

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