PIN 25.1 Feb/March


In This Edition


- The technology behind the ION Science Tiger XT
- Safety with ammonia and LOHCs as hydrogen carriers

Analytical Instrumentation

- Discussion on new tribology tests and updated instrumentation for the petroleum industry

Measurement and Testing

- Updates and Advancements in Octane Testing
- Recent advances and improvement in Bioethanol technology

PIN will be introducing new feature topics and news on clean energy, renewables, refinery integration and sustainability. In addition, we’ll be exploring and highlighting applications on chemical and plastics recycling techniques and expanding our biofuel content to include alternative fuel sources.

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Digital Edition

PIN 25.3 June/July

June 2024

Analytical Instrumentation - Recent Advances In Various Bench Scale Accelerated Oxidative Testing Methods For Fuels - Petrochemical Industry: Anton Paar Solutions Streamline Processes, Reduce H...

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Jul 30 2024 Jakarta, Indonesia

Chemical Indonesia

Jul 30 2024 Jakarta, Indonesia

China Energy Summit & Exhibition

Jul 31 2024 Beijing, China


Jul 31 2024 Chengdu, China


Aug 05 2024 Moon Township, PA, USA

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