PIN 25.2 Apr/May



- Carbon monoxide toxic and flammable gas detection

Analytical Instrumentation

- Density: A fundamental parameter at critical stages within the petroleum sector
- Advancements and Challenges in Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production

Measurement and Testing

- SEICOR- ship emission inspection with calibration - free optical remote sensing.


- ASTM international NEWS

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PIN 25.3 June/July

June 2024

Analytical Instrumentation - Recent Advances In Various Bench Scale Accelerated Oxidative Testing Methods For Fuels - Petrochemical Industry: Anton Paar Solutions Streamline Processes, Reduce H...

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InaLab 2024

Jul 30 2024 Jakarta, Indonesia

Chemical Indonesia

Jul 30 2024 Jakarta, Indonesia

China Energy Summit & Exhibition

Jul 31 2024 Beijing, China


Jul 31 2024 Chengdu, China


Aug 05 2024 Moon Township, PA, USA

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