• Rapid and precise analysis of nickel and vanadium in crude and residual oil with ASTM compliance

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Rapid and precise analysis of nickel and vanadium in crude and residual oil with ASTM compliance

Oct 18 2022

Determining the levels of sulphur, vanadium and nickel in crude is an important parameter in terms of quality and avoiding contamination in the refining process as well as meeting contractual requirements and ASTM D8252 stipulations to meet NYMEX/CME requisites. In addition, nickel and vanadium, when deposited on the catalyst, will have adverse effects on fluidic catalytic cracking, as the pore system becomes plugged, which results in catalyst poisoning or deactivation. 

Rigaku’s NEX QC+ provides a cost-effective solution for rapidly monitoring these crucial elements in crude and residual oil and provides end-users with a device for quick, simple and reliable ASTM D8252 compliance of nickel and vanadium. Rigaku’s proven energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) technology enables the NEX QC+ to combine superb performance with economy while eliminating the necessity for multiple single-element benchtops.

Aside from providing an easy and cost-effective ASTM D8252 solution, it can also measure sulphur in crude according to ASTM D4294 and be used for ISO 13032 compliance for ultra-low sulphur diesel and lead in petroleum per ASTM D5059; operators can measure sulphur, metals, and more using a single, light and portable device.

This versatile analyser is easy for the operator to install and needs minimal routine maintenance. It is robust and portable enough for use in remote environments or at the plant. No external PC is needed; NEX QC +’s intuitive touchscreen interface and integrated printer make this instrument easy and efficient to operate. NEX QC+’s multi-element versatility, unsurpassed performance and minimal footprint offers an excellent solution for any location where routine petroleum-related applications are carried out.

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