• The world’s fastest density measurement instruments for the petroleum industry

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The world’s fastest density measurement instruments for the petroleum industry

Dec 21 2021

Anton Paar recently launched their “Next-Level Density Meter,” which provides a 4-digit density measurement in just 20 seconds, making it the world’s fastest and most precise density meter. 

Three models (DMA 4101/4501/5001) have been introduced offering a choice of 4-digit, 5-digit, and 6-digit accuracy ranges. The new meters feature an eight times faster operating system, a two times faster CPU, and sixteen times more data storage than previous models. Measurement data is available before temperature equilibrium has been reached, saving operational time. Its highly dependable FillingCheckTM and zoomable U-ViewTM rapidly detect micro-bubbles and other sample contaminants in real-time.

Operators of the new density meters can choose from a wide range of automation options, for example: the Xsample series, which includes automatic temperature control and cleaning cycles. Such options will eradicate the filling difficulties encountered with manual operation. further aiding Anton Paar designed these instruments to achieve unparalleled efficiency and throughput.

Anton Paar’s patented Pulsed Excitation Method (PEM) ,the cornerstone of the instrument, raises digital density measurement to an enhanced level of accuracy. The device’s viscosity correction feature enables precision over the whole measurement range, even when measuring highly viscous and dense samples. The digital density meter’s features ground-breaking technology; its state-of-the-art software and hardware, clear and glove-friendly 10.1” touchscreen, and highly innovative filling control make it the perfect choice for the petroleum industry.

These instruments comply to ASTM D4052, D5002, and ISO 12185, as well as aligning with API table 53 B or D - ASTM D1250 – offering error-free reference temperature conversion.

As Anton Paar have created the instruments for the industry-specific profile for petroleum products, they are ideal for crude oil, fuel, and lubricant quality control applications. The devices are also well suited for blending and quality control checks for raw materials and biofuels and concentration determination of by-products and density measurements of gases.

The density meters can be used with various data interfaces, or linked to AP Connect, Anton Paar’s lab execution software, which takes you another step towards a paperless laboratory.

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