• Portable digital density meters for product identification at tank terminals

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Portable digital density meters for product identification at tank terminals

Jul 20 2021

DMA 35 Ex Petrol is the only intrinsically safe portable density meter available on the market for identification of liquid petroleum products prior to movement to avoid mix-ups and financial losses – anywhere and in next to no time.

Wherever quick decisions are needed prior to loading or unloading, the ATEX- & IECEx-certified DMA 35 Ex Petrol is ready for quick quality and type inspections directly at the ship, truck, pipeline, or tank. This intrinsically safe portable density meter performs on-site fuel identification within seconds, even in hazardous areas. DMA 35 Ex Petrol provides excellent resistance to petroleum samples and fully complies with ASTM D7777 and IP 559 standards.

Intrinsically safe – for use in hazardous locations

An ATEX- & IECEx-certified instrument is a must-have for safety if samples are flammable and measurements are carried out in explosive atmospheres. Anton Paar is the only provider of intrinsically safe portable density meters (Ex marking [Ex] II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4). With their leak-proof design they are ready for operation in harsh environments and even outside in all weather conditions.

Flawless and traceable measuring data

RFID technology helps to speed up measurement processes. An RFID tag is programmed with a sample ID and a method and can be mounted on the sampling location (e.g. at a tank). Before the regular measurement starts, the user scans the tag, which leads to a fully automatic change of the instrument settings within a second. The measurement is performed accordingly, and the results are stored, including the sample information.

One-hand measurement via gesture control

Users of portable density meters often have to deal with hard-to-reach samples, meaning that they have to climb up ladders or racks to perform their measurements. One-handed measurements are therefore a security feature in terms of needing the other hand to hold on. DMA 35 Ex Petrol provides gesture control for all tasks related to measurements. Turning the instrument towards your body starts the RFID reading, turning it to the right starts a measurement, and turning it to the left aborts the measurement or deletes the result. Your other hand can stay where it is – throughout the whole process.

Wireless data transfer for convenient field operation

Can you imagine working on-site while carrying with you an instrument connected by cable? Certainly not. Therefore, DMA 35 Ex Petrol is equipped with a Bluetooth® interface for wireless data transfer to a PC or for printouts by means of a mobile thermal printer. This way, you can archive or print your data anytime and anywhere.

Exchange your glass hydrometer or pycnometer for a digital density meter

Within the shortest time, the instrument draws only 2 mL of sample volume directly from the sample container. Results are available within a few seconds – no matter if it is crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, or ethanol for blending – and fully traceable thanks to automatic data storage.

Go digital and get your DMA 35 Ex Petrol now.

Download the full application report on “Safe and efficient fuel handling at tank terminals”.

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