• How to Safely Switch from Helium to Hydrogen as your GC Carrier Gas?


How to Safely Switch from Helium to Hydrogen as your GC Carrier Gas?

Jun 19 2019

The solution to the shortage of Helium supply in your laboratory is to switch from Helium to Hydrogen. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has addressed the safety concerns related to the use of Hydrogen as a carrier gas by developing the DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor. This dedicated sensor constantly monitors the hydrogen concentration in your GC oven and automatically switches to an inert gas in case of an hydrogen leak. Furthermore it will ensure the safety of the laboratory staff by transmitting several alarms.

Alert the laboratory staff

The DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor is installed in the GC oven for continuous monitoring of the hydrogen concentration in the oven compartment. The LCD screen of the Sensor controller displays the real time hydrogen concentration as shown in Figure One.
If the hydrogen concentration reaches the user defined level, typically between 25% and 50% LEL, the sensor will alert the laboratory staff by:

  1. 1. Flashing of the LCD controller screen
  2. 2. Transmitting an acoustic alarm
  3. 3. Showing a red status on the software dashboard (Figure Two)
  4. 4. Sending an alarm message by e-mail, text (SMS), Growl or Prowl

The sensor controller will automatically switch the carrier gas to an inert gas and send a stop signal to the GC.

Detect a Hydrogen leak and more..

Due to the unique design of the DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor you can combine up to four sensors in one controller. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers multiple sensors to detect:

  • Hydrogen (Figure Three)
  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Level (liquid) weight

Manage alarm settings

The optional DVLS3 Sensor software makes it easy to configure the system, define and control alarm settings. The software can be used either stand-alone or in a network configuration.

The Audit Trail option checks the records of the reported alarms and shows the changes in any settings.

Safely switch to Hydrogen as the GC Carrier Gas

The DVLS3 Simply Smart Sensor offers GC labs a safe solution to change from an expensive GC carrier gas such as Helium to Hydrogen by offering:

  • A safe technique to constantly monitor hydrogen leaks
  • An automatic alarm transmission through:
  1. 1. Optical and acoustic alarms
  2. 2. E-mail messages
  3. 3. Text (SMS) messages
  4. 4. Growl
  5. 5. Prowl
  • A dedicated software to control the alarm settings per sensor & user
  • An Audit Trail function to create a record of the reported alarms and settings
  • An automatic carrier gas switching from Hydrogen to Nitrogen
  • An automatic stop signal sent to the GC
  • An easy calibration and installation
  • A compatibility with all GC brands
  • A versatile design that supports up to 4 sensors.

Contact Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions for more information on the DVLS3 Simply Smart Sensor.

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