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X-Ray Petro Analysis Solutions

Oct 19 2009

Petroleum products analysis methods have been developed and standardised by ASTM, ISO, IP and others using wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) techniques, including ASTM D2622, ASTM D4927, ASTM D6443, ASTM D5059, IP433 and ISO 20884. Such methods are increasingly employed as fuel regulations become stricter, thus demanding lower levels of quantification for key contaminants such as sulphur (S),
and as decreasing crude oil quality increases unwanted elements such as nickel (Ni) and vanadium (V).

Growing usage of WDXRF stems from several advantages over other analytical techniques, such as high dynamic range (from sub-ppm to 100%) and high degree of analytical flexibility. Moreover, little or no sample preparation is needed in most cases; fuels and oils can be directly measured without dilution. In addition, useful semi-quantitative analysis of unknown samples can be quickly obtained through powerful Fundamental Parameters software with no sample reference standards needed.

X-ray solutions for specific industry needs can be developed depending on the number of analytes, throughput requirements, element coverage, concentration range and the variety of samples (solids and liquids). Thermo Scientific offers the compact and cost effective ARL OPTIM’X instrument for dedicated but oftentimes demanding applications such as ultra-low sulphur in fuels and oils, as well as the comprehensive ARL ADVANT’X Series with IntelliPower™ for advanced applications in central laboratories. Depending on the need, the most suitable analytical solutions available to petro industry can be selected.Thermo Scientific.

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