• Customised Microscope Systems to Meet Even the Highest Demands

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Customised Microscope Systems to Meet Even the Highest Demands

Nov 24 2009

With Axio Imager 2, Carl Zeiss (Germany) is presenting the new generation of its proven microscope system for materials applications. The customised configurability of the ten stand versions meets user requirements for a solution that combines outstanding flexibility and maximum ease of use with the highest performance and functionality. All stands feature the basic function of the light manager which can be used to separately store and reproduce the illumination intensity for each magnification. In addition, the motorised microscope stands allow the simple selection of stored contrasting techniques via the contrast manager. With the possibility of storing the most important system parameters for up to ten users, Axio Imager 2 is the first microscope system to offer multi-user operation.

The optimal Axio Imager 2 system is available for every field of application – from advanced routine to high-end research in the life and materials sciences.

A special benefit for live cell imaging is offered by the new optical design for the transmitted light beam path and the condensers, allowing homogeneous illumination at low magnifications and an even greater working distance. Reproducible settings guarantee reliable results for any task requiring the evaluation of a large number of samples or specimens – for observation, findings, documentation, interactive measurement and report generation.

The automatic switch between reflected and transmitted light and the generation of mixed light have been implemented in particular for the growing research field of bionics where, for example, living cells or organic tissue are examined on inorganic carrier substances with multidimensional image acquisition. This functionality is also completely integrated into the light and contrast manager. For the very first time, the motorised modulator turret for transmitted light DIC makes it possible to set differential interference contrast reproducibly and, in combination with fluorescence image acquisition, to remove the DIC prism automatically from the light path. This prevents sample-induced artifacts. The Z-stand (Axio Imager.Z2 / Z2m) has been specially designed for continuous operation. It features a high-performance focus drive, with which even the smallest focus movements
can be executed over long periods of use, also with large scanning stages.

All Axio Imager 2 microscope stands are encoded, i.e. the AxioVision software automatically stores important information about the magnification and contrast or illumination settings. As the reflected light beam path of all stands is equipped with diaphragm sliders and filter wheels, optical sections can be generated with ApoTome, also with entry level systems. Another new feature is the triggerable LED light source for Köhler illumination which, together with the z-piezo insert for manual and scanning stages, permits the fast acquisition of Z-stacks or high resolution overview images.

Axio Imager 2 offers optimal solutions for image acquisition, image processing, archiving, reporting and image analysis with the AxioVision software: from simple image acquisition to the documentation of fast processes at high temporal resolution.

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