• Availability of Starter Kit Enables Customers Worldwide to Test And
Validate Sensor for Continuous Viscosity and Temperature Data

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Availability of Starter Kit Enables Customers Worldwide to Test And Validate Sensor for Continuous Viscosity and Temperature Data

Jan 11 2008

SenGenuity, the Sensors and Advanced Packaging division of Vectron International (USA) have announced the general availability of its starter kit product to enable customers to test and validate the ViSmartâ„¢ viscosity sensor for their specific applications. The starter kits include sensor products, the hardware and software necessary to interface with the sensors from any computer, and SenGenuity application
support.When used in conjunction with SenGenuity’s bench-top viscometer data station, the starter kit provides customers with the ideal solution to acquire multiple channels of continuous viscosity and temperature data for more informed, real-time decision making.
Each ViSmart starter kit connects the sensor to a laptop or desktop via any standard USB hub. The sensor with plug-n-play connectivity coupled with automatic software installation allows customers to test the sensor without any external power requirement (sensor is powered via USB port). Utilizing the easy-to use interface, customers can observe real-time and historical viscosity and temperature views, while also logging continuous data organized by fluid, batch number, customer and time stamp information. “The new ViSmart starter kit is a portable solution that allows customers, in less than 30 minutes, to instrument their application, gather viscosity and temperature data, and start characterizing application opportunities,” added Shravan Jumani, product manager, SenGenuity. SenGenuity’s ViSmart viscosity sensor is designed to provide instantaneous sample and/or continuous, real-time,
in-process viscosity measurements for embedded real-time, in-line environments requiring high resolution and accuracy in low- to mid-range viscosity fluids. The ViSmart viscosity sensor uses robust and reliable semiconductor technology, has no moving parts, and is sealed for complete immersion. It is unaffected by vibration or flow conditions, does not need field calibration and is packaged in a very portable, lightweight size. The ViSmart sensor measures a wide range of viscosity of fluid and is rated for temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius in a threaded bolt package for quick installation, with custom options and configurations available for specific industry applications and process requirements.
The ViSmart model series can be connected to any computer or control platform via the standard protocols and the forthcoming CANBUS and 4-20 mA options to provide a continuous audit trail for process monitoring markets to control operating costs and maintain quality standards.

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