• New Software Packages Provide Increased GC/MS Productivity

Analytical Instrumentation

New Software Packages Provide Increased GC/MS Productivity

Jan 16 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., (USA) has launched Lab Forms 2.5, a suite of new GC/MS software aimed at specific laboratory applications. Providing optimal productivity, the Lab Forms 2.5 packages fit into laboratory workflows for routine GC/MS analyses. Designed for users in environmental, clinical research/forensic toxicology, food safety and general QA/QC laboratories, these new software packages incorporate innovative Method Forge, which provides an automated pathway to generating full scan methods. Wizards and templates ensure the programming of daily batches is straightforward, greatly reducing the time required to queue samples and begin data acquisition.

The Lab Forms 2.5 software suite offers a revolutionary approach to data review and reporting. Certain sample types or compound lists require intensive data review to generate the final report package. Integration, peak shapes, qualifying ion performance and quality control criteria must all be evaluated prior to releasing the results. Through powerful Smart Reporting, data review and data reporting are dynamically linked, allowing for real-time changes to reports. The Lab Forms 2.5 software packages, including QuanLab™ Forms, EnviroLab™ Forms and ToxLab™ Forms, are designed to complement the full range of Thermo Scientific GC/MS instrumentation.

QuanLab Forms 2.5 ensures high-throughput quantitative and semi-quantitative GC/MS experiments across a variety of applications. In today’s competitive environment, laboratories are often balancing high productivity
and throughput with stringent quality control regulations. In response, QuanLab Forms 2.5 provides an integrated, workflow-oriented approach that simplifies method development, data acquisition, processing, reviewing and reporting.

Developed for environmental GC/MS analyses, EnviroLab Forms 2.5 provides a user-friendly package that helps environmental laboratories balance high productivity and throughput with strict quality control standards.
The software features a range of report options tailored to the needs of the environmental laboratory to reduce data review time. Powerful Smart Reporting offers an integrated approach to data review and reporting via a
link between activities that allows for modifications to be quickly evaluated and approved.

ToxLab Forms 2.5 offers an intuitive, workflow-oriented approach to GC/MS acquisition, analysis and reporting in the clinical research or forensic toxicology laboratory. ToxLab Forms bridges the gap between productivity and quality by providing a dynamic interface that streamlines the path from unknown sample to known result in a manner that is secure, defensible and aligned with a lab’s specific needs. Sophisticated data
review is easily performed with ToxLab Forms’ innovative Smart Reporting. Enhancements specific to a toxicology lab’s needs are built into the system. ToxLab Forms can provide automated spectral library searching
on non-target peaks and report semi-quantitative results for these unknown compounds. In addition, Method Forge reduces the time it takes to build a complex, full scan processing method from hours to minutes.

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