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i-SPEC Q 100 Biodiesel Analyser

Jan 15 2009

Paradigm Sensors (USA), is poised to take advantage of the expanding biodiesel market with its proprietary impedance spectroscopy (IS) technology purchased from Marquette University. Impedance Spectroscopy is the core technology of its i-SPEC™ Q 100 biodiesel handheld analyzer, which was recently selected by R&D Magazine as a 2008 R&D Award Winner, naming it one of the 100 most technologically significant products.

The i-SPEC™, the industry’s first, affordable, portable, handheld field analyzer that tests for total glycerin, acid number, methanol, and the percent blend (Bxx concentration between B2 and B99) in biodiesel, was produced to insure that engines burning biodiesel blends operate safely, efficiently, and reliably. Because of the global market growth in biodiesel, there is a great need to conduct efficient, on-site testing that correlates closely to ASTM standards. Paradigm Sensors’ i-SPEC™ can be used throughout the supply chain to cost effectively insure that biodiesel products meet producers’, blenders’, distributors’, engine manufacturers’, fleet managers’, end-users’ and regulators’ specifications, as well as meet the biodiesel percentage measurement requirements for government mandates and tax incentives. Paradigm Sensors’ i-SPEC™ meets these market needs by enabling on-site, cost-effective, compositional and functional monitoring of biodiesel, including fuel composition, deterioration, and contamination during all phases of the biodiesel life cycle.

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