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  • Particulates in Fuels

Particulates in Fuels

Nov 18 2009

When analysing fuels for particulates and water contamination, simple particle counts and low resolution sizing may not give the full picture. Particles present in fuels could be water droplets, corrosion products, or dirt from tanks and delivery systems. Knowledge of particle size, type and concentration makes quality control more relevant, and troubleshooting easier.

The Laboratory Visual Analyser from Jorin, uses video imaging and advanced image analysis software, to provide detailed information on the size and type of particles present in fuels. LaVA can classify particles as water droplets or solids, and using particle shape provide information on the solid material type.

The LaVA software presents particle size distributions for each particle type identified, together with volumetric concentrations for each distribution. The measured size range is from 2 microns to 250 microns with concentrations from 1ppm to 1500ppm. All particle data is stored as Excel files and is available for detailed analysis.

LaVA is suitable for use with all motor and aviation fuels, and a wide range of lubricating and hydraulic oils. Onsite demonstrations are available

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