• On site ppm water determinations using Aquamax KF

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On site ppm water determinations using Aquamax KF

Jul 07 2020

Aquamax KF have been a popular choice for ppm water determinations since its launch back in 2005.

The petroleum and used oil analysis industries in particular choose Aquamax KF as their water content partner, thanks to its small, robust design having useful accessories like a printer and battery built in to the instrument enclosure….

Many clients need the exact result… This means you can waste no time if the sample is hydroscopic, as a good example, naphtha…     

One Aquamax KF client used to take a sample from within the refinery back to the laboratory which was also within the refinery grounds… The expected result was 10ppm… However, they were getting high readings, 30-50 ppm…

When they came to ECH asking why the result was so high, their solution was very simple… Take the instrument directly to the sample point…… No problem for an Aquamax KF with its built in battery, carrying case, low drift cell and gas tight sampling syringe which allowed the client to test the naphtha directly at the sample point….. The result, 11ppm…

The same sample was then taken back to the lab and was tested immediately…  The result was already higher, 18ppm… By the end of that day, the sample was reading 25ppm and over……

Naphtha is not the only hydroscopic sample, there are many others… As a good example, transformer oil/insulating liquids… Once again, when is use, these oils have a low water content, ideally below 10ppm, but if the sample is tested back in the laboratory and not titrated as soon as possible, the result is often much higher than the real water content of the oil….. Knowing the exact amount of water in transformer oils at operating temperature is absolutely critical…  

Aquamax KF are not just a sturdy on site tool, but a reliable in lab system serving many laboratories and testing rooms around the world.

To verify your coulometric Karl Fischer is working to within specification, all Aquamax KF are fitted with the ug button and offered with the Aquamax KF water check micro litre syringe  (both 1ul and 10ul available).

Coulometric titrators count in micrograms…. 1ul is equivalent to 1000 micrograms… An “in-specification” result is within 2 %, meaning, 980-1020 micrograms from a 1ul injection verifies the reagent and coulometer are working within specification…. All of this without the need to buy or run expensive CRM Karl Fischer standards.

Please contact Tom Gallant Sales Manager for team Aquamax KF.

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