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ECH Product Demonstration Studio

Mar 16 2021

Introducing the ECH Studio, a remote laboratory focused on virtual method development, product installation and virtual instrument demonstrations during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent transition into remote working.

The narrative around virtual meetings have changed, they are not longer secondary options to in-person meetings, they are an essential part of how we conduct business. The creation of our state of the art product demonstration studio, the “ECH Studio” helps us utilise this to provide instrument support, method development, remote installation, service support and product training across globe, all from our in-house laboratory located at the ECH Scientific Sales & Service Centre in Silsoe, Bedfordshire.

Product Demonstrations during COVID-19

Bringing a unique user experience to our demonstrations is vital for us, we had to replicate in person product demonstrations with virtual ones. Therefore, the ECH Studio is fitted with multi angle 4K video capturing devices, for both real time streaming and video support. Software capture and streaming capabilities are both featured, meaning each user can view the measurements running in real time, with real time results and a full graphical overview of the titration.

Virtual & Remote Installations

Using the studio, we have been able to continue to support our distribution network and end-users with remote installations and service support. Using instrument control features, we can take control of instruments from the studio and access instruments across the globe, enabling us to assist users in the creation of measurement methods and parameters, sample analysis techniques, along with the various aspects of the servicing procedures. Perhaps you are a current Aquamax user who would like to learn more about your system or require some advice on maintenance. If so, please contact us for studio support.

Virtual method development using the ECH Studio.

Method development is a fundamental part of our business at ECH. We have been participating members on a variety of different ASTM committees for the past 20 years, from the earliest developments of ASTM D4928, our latest project in ASTM D7995 (water in butane via coulometric Karl Fischer titration) all the way through to our H2s in Wastewater developments in DIN 38405-27 Recently, we have been utilising the ECH Studio to collaborate with partners to continue our continuous program of method development. The ongoing collaboration with the laboratory community throughout the pandemic has truly highlighted the unwavering dedication and commitment of those in our industry.  


If you would like to learn more about our full range of coulometric Karl Fischer titrators, H2s Analysers, or Gas Chromatography range then please contact us by email to book your virtual demonstration, instrument support training or method development session. All sessions are completely free charge and personalised to each individual user.

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