• Sulfimax GX - Total H<sub>2</sub>S solution for the petroleum industry from ECH Elektrochemie Halle

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Sulfimax GX - Total H2S solution for the petroleum industry from ECH Elektrochemie Halle

Dec 07 2021

Measuring for H2S content is critical. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a toxic gas which can cause hugely detrimental effects to a refineries production and safety. The MAC (Maximum Allowable Concentration) of H2S is as low as 10ppm, but H2S will already breach the odour nuisance threshold at 3-5 ppm. Anything over 10ppm will begin to have serious health consequences such as eye defections, loss of sense and smell, and at over 1000ppm fatality would be certain in only minutes or seconds. Aside from the clear health risk, H2S is extremely corrosive and the presence of H2S can damage stainless steel technical equipment within refineries and will corrode concrete structures and piping at a rate of up to 10mm per year.

ECH Elektrochemie Halle have developed a total H2S analyser for the determination of H2S in all different sample types, ranging from water/wastewater, sludges, liquid petroleum products such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuels and marine fuels according to methods such as IP570 and ASTM 7621 (procedures B), solid products such as bitumen, tar and elemental sulphur, through to gas products such as LPG, NG, LNG and other gas mixtures. By using an electrochemical detector and unique gas extraction technique, the Sulfimax GX can measure H2S in all samples down to 0.01ppm through to 10,000ppm. A typical measurement using the Sulfimax GX takes 5 minutes depending on sample composition and any potential mercaptan interference is removed by white oil in a separate extraction chamber. At end of the measurement the H2S flows into an Activated Carbon filter to remove any H2S, meaning the system does not need to be used under a fume hood.

For petroleum and solid products, H2S gas is heated out using an additional headspace module. Each sample is placed into a sealed vial and administered into the headspace oven which is heated up to 180 degrees C depending on sample composition. The H2S gas is extracted from the sample and using a pump/tubing system is transported into the Sulfimax GX system where the detection of H2S occurs.

In addition to the detection of H2S in petroleum products the Sulfimax GX is also suitable for H2S determination in water & wastewater samples according to the German DIN 38405-27 (determination of sulphide by gas extraction method). When analysing wastewater samples, the water sample will be injected into the gas extraction chamber and undergoes an acidification process using phosphoric acid to lower the pH and form the H2S gas, once formed the H2S in transported through to the electrochemical sensor. Again, at the end of the measurement the H2S in absorbed in an Activated Carbon filter.

Click here to watch the animation of the Sulfimax GX extraction principle.

The Sulfimax GX is available in 5 different configurations depending on sample throughput and location of analysis, the available models are:

  • Sulfimax GX Lab – For use in the laboratory, can be coupled with the headspace module, autosampler and LPG sampling kits.
  • Sulfimax GX Go – Portable system with built in handle and control unit, can be coupled with the headspace module and LPG sampling kits.
  • Sulfimax GX Online (ATEX) – Online H2S analyser with ATEX certified enclosure.
  • Sulfimax GX Online (Water) – Online H2S analyser for continuous measurement H2S and sulfides in wastewater and other aqueous 2 samples.
  • Sulfimax GX Online (Gas) – Online H2S analyser for the continuous determination of H2S in gas mixtures.

For more information on our full range of H2S analysers please visit ECH - H2S, Sulphide or get in contact with us directly.

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