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  • Automated water content in LPG

Automated water content in LPG

Jan 22 2019

Corrosion is one of the most challenging issues facing the petroleum industry. Water is one of the most corrosive substances present in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Recent advances have been made in adapting coulometric Karl Fischer technology to analyse problematic sample types like LPG and LNG. Previously, a variety of techniques were employed to measure water content in LPG, however, coulometric Karl Fischer is now being considered as the technique offers greater sensitivity and analyses both free and chemically bonded water.

ECH GmbH have developed a new analytical procedure that removes interferences caused by mercaptans and H2S enabling the coulometric Karl Fischer method to accurately determine water content in LPG down to 1ppm.

Karl Robertson, from ECH, says, “We fully recognise the challenges faced by those needing to quickly and accurately measure water content in LPG. This is why we have developed the fully automated “Aquamax KF LPG Pro” to perform over 250 measurements within a 48 hour period without the need to replenish or switch any solvents. Thanks to our unique sample loop, the titrator can handle all LPG and
gas mixtures without having the problem of manually preparing a mass flow controller. The Aquamax KF LPG Pro is fully automated removing the need for an operator to be present during the test”

Aquamax KF are light weight and portable for use in the laboratory or wherever the sample point may be located. ECH have designed the Aquamax KF LPG Pro to be integrated into the process environment as an online system too.

Mr Robertson continues, “Another consideration is that by removing the sulphur this procedure no longer requires an interference calculation. This eliminates any potential operator error in calculating the true result.” Water content in LPG is just one of the applications for which the Aquamax KF LPG Pro was designed for. ECH are experienced in using this product for a wide range of applications including LNG, technical gas, DME, Gas mixtures and CNG.

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