• DMA Generation M Density Meters Let You Verify Results Any Time

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DMA Generation M Density Meters Let You Verify Results Any Time

Nov 18 2008

In 2007, Anton Paar celebrated the 40th anniversary of introducing the world`s first digital density meter utilizing the oscillating U-tube principle. Just one year later, Anton Paar launched the latest generation of laboratory density meters: DMA Generation M.
In the past when a sample changer was used to perform automatic density measurements, verification of the correct sample filling and therefore the accuracy of the results was a matter of experience, rather than
fact. DMA Generation M density meters address these issues with a number of outstanding new features. They provide complete confidence in the correct performance of the sample filling and measurement process, and therefore in the outstanding quality of the measurement results.
The new and unique U-ViewTM feature of DMA 4500/5000 M utilizes a digital camera positioned in a way that the entire sample being measured is clearly visible.
Even the bend of the U-tube - the most sensitive part, where bubbles may cluster if the filling process is imperfect - is now for the first time fully visible. U-ViewTM shows a live stream of images of the sample during filling and stores images of the measured sample in the
memory. The operator can either monitor sample filling in real-time or verify correct sample filling and measurement later by checking the stored images. This new feature allows the operator to safely walk away
and verify the correctness of the results any time later.
Making the entire U-tube sensor visible to the operator and storing images of each sample filling for later review represents a quantum leap forward in transparency and traceability of the measurement
results. The quality of the filling, and therefore the quality of the results, can be verified at any time. Therefore, density results from Generation M density meters are not only the most accurate on the market, they are also the most reliably documented. And U-ViewTM is not the only outstanding feature: DMA Generation M also provides FillingCheckTM, which alerts the operator of potential sample filling problems, and ThermoBalanceTM, which ensures fast and accurate results whatever the measurement conditions.
What else is new with Generation M? Apart from providing automatic sample viscosity correction and high-precision platinum thermometers for temperature control, as in the previous generation, Generation M
automatically determines the local air pressure, making air adjustments exact whatever the location. The user interface has a new design: A large, easy-to-read color display with touchscreen function simplifies routine operations. For harsh environments, additional function
keys are provided so that the display does not need to be touched and stays clean. A keyboard, mouse and bar code reader can be connected for convenient operation. Four USB, two RS232 interfaces and an Ethernet interface allow universal data transfer as well as secure operation for GMP, GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 applications. PC monitors of any size can be connected so that the measuring results are legible even over large
distances. Space-saving plug-in sample changers manage sample viscosities of up to 35,000 mPa.s.
The available models DMA 4100 M, DMA 4500 M and DMA 5000 M provide accuracies of 0.0001 g/cm³, 0.00005 g/cm³ and 0.000005 g/cm³. Their applications include the measurement of petroleum, petroleum
products, and alternative fuels; the analysis of chemicals, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products; perfumes and flavors; beverages and spirits; and applications in research and development, as well as in
national and international calibration authorities and testing agencies.
DMA Generation M density meters were developed in cooperation with
“Labor für Messtechnik Dr. Hans Stabinger GmbH, Graz”.

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