• SVM 3001 Cold Properties: Comprehensive Characterization of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Analytical Instrumentation

SVM 3001 Cold Properties: Comprehensive Characterization of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Feb 22 2024

The Anton Paar SVM 3001 Cold Properties is the optimal tool for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) evaluation, offering a comprehensive solution for assessing various crucial parameters. It efficiently measures kinematic viscosity in accordance with ASTM D7042, density as per D4052, freeze point correlating to D2386, and other significant metrics like viscosity borderline temperature (temperature at 12 cSt) and viscosity 3 °C above the freezing point. Additionally, temperature scans can be conducted, providing insights into jet fuel pumpability behavior. Consolidating multiple relevant parameters into a single measurement is a key advantage eliminating the need for operators to conduct multiple tests. This enhances productivity, reduces initial investment costs (since the purchase of only a single instrument is required), and saves bench space.

The Peltier temperature control allows for viscosity measurements as low as -60 °C and freeze point measurements reaching -75 °C, all without the need for counter-cooling down to -20 °C. Further, the thermoelectric heating and cooling results in improved productivity due to rapid temperature changes (up to 20 °C/min), and increased uptime thanks to elimination of bath cleaning because of liquid contamination.

With minimal sample consumption (as low as 1.5 mL) and solvent usage (minimum 1.5 mL), the device significantly reduces waste disposal costs compared to capillary systems, enhancing sustainability by cutting solvent consumption by more than 50 %. Operational safety is enhanced, particularly for the handling of volatile and potentially flammable samples like jet fuel.

SVM 3001 Cold Properties supports standalone measurements, which may additionally be automated with an Xsample sample changer. This not only eliminates the need for an external PC to run samples or store information, but also frees up operators from direct instrument monitoring.

Featuring a metal measurement cell, the device eliminates the risk of glass breakage common in daily use, thereby reducing operational costs. The robust measuring cell permits real cleaning with solvent and withstands rigorous cleaning routines. With the on-screen cleaning screen, users can quickly assess instrument cleanliness, and contamination risks are prevented. Moreover, cleaning and drying are possible at sub-zero temperatures without the need for a warm-up in between.

Lastly, the instrument’s test methods ASTM D7042 and D4052 are listed in international aviation fuel specifications, including specifications for sustainable aviation fuels: ASTM D1655, D7566, D4054, Def Stan 91-091, JIG AFQRJOS, and many more. So, SVM 3001 Cold Properties can be used for product certification without any compliance concerns.

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