• Anton Paar’s DMA 35 Ex Petrol: Perfect for Identifying Products in Your Tank Terminal

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Anton Paar’s DMA 35 Ex Petrol: Perfect for Identifying Products in Your Tank Terminal

Jul 18 2023

DMA 35 Ex Petrol is the only intrinsically safe portable density meter on the market that identifies liquid petroleum products prior to movement, which helps you avoid mix-ups and financial losses

When safety is key

Anton Paar’s ATEX- and IECEx-certified DMA 35 Ex Petrol is ready for quick quality and type inspections directly at a ship, truck, pipeline, or tank. With its leak-proof design, perform quick, on-site fuel identification in hazardous environments with flammable samples and in all weather conditions. The density meter is highly resistant to petroleum samples, and it fully complies with ASTM D7777 and IP 559 standards.

Speed is the name of the game

Within the shortest time, the instrument draws only 2 mL of sample volume directly from the sample container. Results are available within a few seconds – no matter if it is crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, or ethanol for blending – and fully traceable thanks to automatic data storage.

Accurate, traceable measuring data

RFID technology speeds up the measurement processes. An RFID tag is programmed with a sample ID and a method, and you can mount this on the sampling location (e.g., at a tank). Then, before you start the measurement, you can scan the tag, which immediately changes the instrument settings to fit your needs. The measurement is then carried out, and the results are stored along with the sample information.

Easy, safe handling

Working in the field is straightforward. Since you can use DMA 35 Ex Petrol with just one hand, working with hard-to-reach samples is easy. Moreover, the density meter offers gesture control for all measurement-related tasks. Turning it towards your body starts an RFID reading, turning it right starts a measurement, and turning it left aborts the measurement or deletes the result. Along with this, the DMA 35 Ex Petro comes with a Bluetooth® interface so you can transfer your data wirelessly to a PC or mobile thermal printer – anytime, anywhere.

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