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  • New practical application guides: Ensuring the enhanced assessment of toxic chemicals

New practical application guides: Ensuring the enhanced assessment of toxic chemicals

Aug 18 2010

Markes International is pleased to announce the publication of second editions of its acclaimed series of four practical application booklets. The new guides show how recent breakthroughs in thermal desorption (TD) and associated sampling technologies can benefit challenging real-world GC(MS) applications in the following areas:

  • Environmental monitoring – air analysis, fugitive emissions, soil-gas analysis, vapour intrusion, human exposure, etc.
  • Product stewardship/consumer safety – residual volatiles and chemical emission tests.
  • Defence, homeland security and forensic applications
  • Food, flavour, fragrance & odour profiling

The new editions have been significantly extended; each book features up to 50 pages full of applications advice including background information, sample chromatograms and typical TD-GC(MS) method conditions. They are available free of charge from Markes International.

“We’ve asked ourselves what real-world analysts need from these applications books and re-written them from a user’s perspective” said Elizabeth Woolfenden, Director of Markes International. “If we were a petrochemical business looking at product stewardship or environmental health and safety concerns, what analytical issues would we need to address? If we were an environmental or workplace air monitoring laboratory, how would we want to improve our service? If we were in industrial quality control, how could we improve throughput and reliability? Similarly for GC(MS) users in research or government sectors, these new guides will be an invaluable reference, whatever their field of interest.”.

Markes International is the world’s leading provider of analytical thermal desorption instrumentation and sampling accessories for concentrating and measuring trace organic chemicals in complex real world matrices. The company has launched the extended application guides to accompany its new product range. Notable recent introductions have included TD-100™ (the world’s most advanced system for automated tube desorption with built-in RFID sample tracking), unique cryogen-free technology for automated canister and near real-time air monitoring, and innovative micro-chamber units for rapid qualitative and quantitative assessment of chemical emission or odour profiles from solids or liquids.

Markes’ state-of-the-art TD technology is compatible with all leading brands of GC/MS and supports multiple air and material sampling strategies including pumped or passive air/gas sampling onto sorbent tubes, whole air/gas monitoring (on-line or in canisters), headspace-TD and direct desorption. A range of specialist sampling options, e.g. for in-situ soil gas, human breath and surface emissions, are also supported.

The new Thermal Desorption: Practical Application Guides are available free of charge. Titles in the series are:
I. Environmental Monitoring and Exposure to Chemicals at Work
II. Residual Volatiles & Materials Emissions Testing
III. Defence and Forensic applications
IV. Food, Flavour, Fragrance & Odour Profiling
To get your copies or for more information on Markes’ products and services, contact your local distributor or get in touch with Markes International directly ( or tel: +44 (0)1443 230935).

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