• Automated and safe flash point testing for diesel, lube oil and jet fuel

Flash Point

Automated and safe flash point testing for diesel, lube oil and jet fuel

Apr 01 2022

ERAFLASH S10, from eralytics, is a state-of-the-art flash point tester that is ideal for unattended operation for high-throughput labs. |This compact and precise instrument complies with ASTM D7094 (IP620) and ASTM D6450 - which provides ASTM-proven excellent correlation to Pensky Martens testers (ASTM D93). Both are continuously closed-cup methods and therefore intrinsically safe during use.

This analyser provides stand-alone operation thanks to its easily accessible touchscreen. A practical placement of sample cups has made sample preparation quick and easy; each sample position is individually programmable with no need for a PC and the integrated CIRCLE mode enables continuous operation during an ongoing measurement cycle.

An optional cooling lid maintains the pending sample cups in a pre-cooled state before the start of the actual measurement, resulting in quicker turnaround times and no loss of volatile compounds.

eralytic’s innovative Peltier Boost TechnologyTM  (PBT) supports an unparalleled temperature range and facilitates considerably shorter turnaround times than all other flashpoint testers on the market. 

The versatile and dependable eralytics’ flash point testers include a quality control mode (QC) on the instruments. To perform efficient quality control, the operator can set a warning level for each individual QC sample. If a sample is analysed and the result falls outside the set limit a warning is displayed automatically. QC charts are available making it easy to identify long-term drifts and carry out statistical evaluations of results.

The post measurement follow-up cycle takes between 1-2 minutes through easily accessible components. ERAFLASH S10’s high level of versatility, speed and precision makes it an ideal flash point tester for diesel, jet fuel, and lube oil testing. 

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